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Belle grew up dreaming big dreams of lights, cameras, and crowds. But, unlike many who aspire to a career in music, this enormously accomplished creative force has actualized her goals into reality , and she did it by staying true to herself. The Grammy nominated song writing California native has lived her life out loud, on her own terms with a testimony and resume that speaks for itself.


Currently touring with Kanye West and the masterful Sunday Service Choir, Belle is celebrated for her boundless vocal range and countless commissioned collaborations.  Her multitudinous music capabilities have casted her on stage alongside a myriad of industry giants namely JLO’s Dance Again world tour/HBO special, The Bangerz world tour with Miley Cyrus, X Tina Aguilera Back-to-Basics tour with Christina Aguilera, George Duke, Eric Bent, and "Tony award winning singer Idina Menzel.

Adding published author of “When The Soul Cries”; a mission driven manuscript  to her expansive curriculum vitae, the actress, playwright and anointed singer employs her talents to uplift, empower and spread love. Her latest endeavor, an early education interactive album called “Building Bops”  released under the name boops is a testament to her commitment to family inspired by her two sons who are already showing talents identical to their Mother’s.

Now, her aspirations are reaching higher heights in the wake of debuting her latest lyrical  labor of love, an Ep in the edm/disco genre. Belle’s relentless work ethic, limitless approach to life and purpose are showing up in ways that only gets better with time.

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